Friday, October 09, 2009

Screeching Tyres

Yup. That was what I heard coming from the car behind me! And I was riding my motorcycle!

The car in front me had to pull the emergency brakes when a smart alex in a car parked by the road decided that it was safe to just turn into the driving lane. I pressed my brakes too. It was then, I heard the screeching tyres. I looked at my right-sideview-mirror and saw a car. Not wanting to be sandwished between the cars in case the car behind me didn't come to a halt, I let go of my brakes and let my motorcycle slide to the roadside - heading toward the smart alex's luxuorious car. Fortunately, everyone (me included) managed to stop their vehicles.

After a brief moment to collect my thoughts, I gave a grateful wave to the driver behind me, who was alert enough to press the brakes in that split seconds. I gave my dagger-stare to the smart alex as I rode pass him.