Friday, November 28, 2008

Auto Assist

That was what I needed just now. Thank fully, I was spared the agony a fellow blogger had to suffer.

While driving with my window shut, air-cond blowing at full speed, my car suddenly had a little hick-up. The car began to jerk a bit. I looked down at the dashboard. The fuel gauge was a pointing to "E". I had noticed it earlier. Remembering that I had fueled yesterday, I paid no attention to the gauge. The car was known to have given false alarm every now and then. But this time "E" meant "Emergency Stop"! As the car glided, I maneuvered it to the emergency lane. I hit the brakes when the car reached a well lit area.

I looked out of my window, trying to figure out where exactly I was. Had I passed the R&R? Or is it just a few kilometres away? I pondered. Should I started walking to what I thought would be a R&R? It was dark. I don't want to risk my safety by walking.

I called Uncle Jack for help. He gave 1001 excuses but promised to try to find solution. I half expected what would be his solution: called another uncle for help. As expected few minutes later, he called, help is unavailable and said he'll try to find other way. After he hung up, I pretty much knew, I couldn't count on his help and problem solving skill.

As I stared blankly at the highway in front of me, I noticed a sticker from my insurance provider on the windshield:
"Auto Assist... 1800-xx-xxxx... 24 hours breakdown..."

Cool! I dialed the number and was immediately connected to a human being (and not the some-times-very-anoying-IVR).
Lady: bla... bla... bla... (Introducing her self as Zarina)... How can I help you?
Me: My car stopped at the highway.
Zarina: Do you need to be towed?
Me: No. I think it's the fuel. Can you send someone to bring fuel?
Zarina: Fuel? Hold on. [I could hear her asking her colleagues and her colleagues saying yes]. Yes we can arrange. Where exactly is your location?
Me: [Describe my location as best as I could]
Zarina: Are you alone in the car?
Me: [In a very calm and collect tone] Yes. That's why I'm calling Auto Assist.
Zarina: [In a very panic tone and sound very urgent] Okay. I'll arrange immediately. Please stay in the car, lock all doors and windows.
Me: [still in a very calm tone] Thank you very much!
A few minutes later she called.
Zarina: I've called highway patrol. They'll come to your location. They will ask for money to buy fuel for you. Please wait for the highway patrol, and not other people.
Me: Thank you very much.
Zarina: You're welcome. Be careful and take care!
With windows shut and no air-cond, it was getting stuffy. I took off my jacket and sat at the passenger seat. I took a stack of my office files and started to go through them. 8 files later, the highway patrol truck came.

Two friendly guys in police uniform got out of the car. I moved to the driver seat. Instead of winding down the window at the driver seat, I wind down the one behind the driver seat. The policemen were puzzled! Anyway to make this already long entry short, I hopped into the patrol truck. One of the policeman steered my car while being towed by the truck. Then Zarina called for the third time.
Zarina: Has the highway patrol car came?
Me: Yes. I'm in the truck right now.
Zarina: How long have it been?
Me: About 15 minutes.
Zarina: [With genuine concern voice] Is everything okay? Are you safe?
Me: Yes. I'm okay and safe. Thank you very much for calling.
Zarina: You're welcome. Take care.
And so I arrived safely to my destination. I felt very insured! Thank you UniAsia!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Selamat Pagi Cinta

"Good Morning, Love"

No, no one said that to me, though I wish some one did. It's the title of a local film currently aired in local cinema. And since it is still in cinema, I will not write long reviews.

Similar to Gubra, this film suffers a "Sembilu Kasih" syndrome. I much rather have the subplot about Julia (Fazura) and Ilham (Pierre), be properly evolved and explored. I feel that Suci (Armani) and Azam (Que) were distractions in the film. However, I had to agree with a fellow cinema-goer (who made loud comments from the seats behind), that Suci character was cute.

Cinematography wise, I like the camera angles. And all the important things are properly 'in-focus', a great improvement from "I'm not single". Script wise, spot a certain person's favourite cue-word!

(p.s. To date, this is probably the shortest review from me!)