Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sunrise in concrete forest

I was driving to work on the highway. Feeling a bit sleepy, I glance at the window, and saw the sun rise. I took out my handphone and took a few of blind shots (i.e. snapping without looking) while the other hand was on the steering wheel.

I asked to myself, when was the last time I enjoyed a sun set and a sun rise? I couldn't remember.

I made a mental note to find time to enjoy these two simple things in life.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fasting and Break fast

It is the fasting month yet again. Through fasting, we might be able to share and empathy the hardship endured by the less fortunate. While there would be hunger, fasting would less likely to cause starvation. In fact, it gives the chance for the stomach to take a rest after a whole year of eating.

At the call of Maghrib prayer, muslims around the globe would break fast. This is the moment to recharge and rejuvenate after a long day of fasting. Malaysians love to break fast with family, friends and loved ones. Non-muslim friends would timed their dinner to coincide with break fast so that they could share their meal time with their muslim friends.

If you are in Malaysia, join the locals for break fast, or as popularly know as ‘Berbuka Puasa’. If you want the food to taste somewhat better, try fasting youself. As someone once told me, “You can’t describe how it is better, but you can just feel it if you fast.”

Happy fasting.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Plan B

While riding in a colleague’s car, a friend asked what’s my plan B (career wise). I didn’t even have Plan A!

When I was young, I never could see myself in 20 years ahead. I still couldn’t. Unlike those ambitious people who didn’t have to think twice about their ambition (doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc.), I never could put a name to my ambition. All I could see was that I want to be free. I’ve always want to be able just to pack my bag and leave when ever I want, to where ever.

My life so far is like a journey on a river. I just follow its flow. There were rapids. There were calms. Occasionally there were falls. But I still follow where it takes me. I took what ever it gave me. Even though I can’t just pack my bags and leave, life have been kind enough to take me to places.

Now, life have brought me here. So here I am, doing what I’m doing now. Still no plans yet!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My personal assistant

I lost my personal assistant for one week. Before that, he was not in talking terms with me. Then he was gone. I tried to find him high and low. He left no trace.

I have become very dependent of him. He keeps track all my appointments. He keeps me company on my bus ride. He bring me news and mails. Some times he sings me to sleep and wakes me in the morning. I was at lost when he left.

Now, he has returned. Eventhough he is still not in speaking terms, I'm glad he has return. My personal assistant, a digital one - my Tungsten T5.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

31st August 2007

What’s so special about this date? To Malaysians, it marks the 50th year of Independence. How was my Merdeka (Independence) day?

It started with the Merdeka Eve. I had a meeting in Cyberjaya on 30th August morning then back to office at noon. Anticipating the mad rush to get out of KL as well as “Merdeka” crowd, I decided to park my car at the Putrajaya Sentral and took the ERL to KL. Then I got a phone call from my brother inviting me to go with him to see fireworks in Putrajaya. It’s the Malaysian International Firework Competition. We were to meet in Putrajaya.

Thinking of taking pictures of the firework, I had to find myself a tripod. I had left mine at home. So, after work, I rode my bike to Kompleks Mutiara in Jalan Ipoh. A friend had told me that he bought his tripod there. I found the shop. There were a lot of photography stuff. Huge ‘lighting umbrella’, studio box, albums and much more. But it’s not like the typical camera shop where they try to sell (recommend) everything on the shelf to you. They don’t really pay any attention to you. You need to know what you want, and ask them. It could also be that they don’t know me, so they pay no attention to me. Anyway, they don’t have the cheap tripod that I was looking for. So I left without buying anything.

I rushed to a shop along Jalan Bangsar. To my delight, the shop had the tripod (noticed the past tense? I bought the last one). The owner is very friendly. He wanted to get rid of it (and a monopod) because it has been sitting in his shop for a long time. So I got myself a tripod and a monopod at a bargain price. Then I headed to KL Sentral.

The mobs at KL Sentral was unbelievable. Long queues at ticket counters, ticker machine, and auto teller machine. I wanted to get my weekly unhealthy dose of fast food, but there were long queue in all fast food outlets there. So I headed to the food court at the top floor. My advice to people eating at food court, eat the “nasi campur” (white rice with “lauk”) only at noon, when they are freshly cooked. In evenings, get some thing that is freshly cooked such as “nasi goreng” (fried rice), or like me, “yong tau foo” (a mixture of boiled served with sauce).

Then I headed to the ERL platform. I was glad I ditched my car at Putrajaya Central and got myself a return ticket. The KTMcommuter to all routes were delayed due to high volume of passengers. I reached Putrajaya Central around 9pm. Plenty of time to kill. The firework was schedule to start at 12am. But once I stepped out of the station, I was amazed to discover that lots of car already parked along the roads. I waited for my brother. While waiting, I turn my handphone browser to TV3 (via Celcom channel X).

Then my brother called and told me he was caught in the massive traffic jam heading to Putrajaya. He wouldn’t be able to join me as planned. Watching firework alone isn’t as fun as watching it with some one you know. I decided to head home. I thought I could beat the traffic. I was mistaken. Like last year, I parked my car and got out to watch the firework. Only this year, my view was not blocked. And I have a better camera and tripod to photograph the firework. Not forgetting my 3G phone to watch tv while waiting. At the stroke of midnight, the firework started. It was magnificent. It lasted for about half an hour.

Crawling through traffic and then zooming on the highway, I finally reached home around 2am. I doze off thinking that I would wake up early the next day in time for the Merdeka Parade at the Merdeka Square.

I woke up early. But not early enough. I got ready and rush to the KTMcommuter station. To my dismay, the commuter service is having some problem and was delayed! I estimated the time it would take me to get to KL. I couldn’t make it. So I cancelled the my plan. I walked to the local town square and watched the small parade there. I had to be contented watching the life telecast from KL on my tiny 3G phone screen. I went home soon after the parade at the town square ended.

By the way, is this date (31 August) the day Late Lady Diana died in the car crash? My condolences to Britons.

(p.s. This morning my ‘cousin-niece’ gave birth to baby boy. I now have a grandnephew!)