Friday, February 01, 2019

Changes: #4 New hobby

I still love photography. But during the last six months, I've pick up new hobby and skill: leather craft.

It all started with a stop at a RM2-kind of shop. I spotted a sewing kit that have an awl in it. I had bought a spool of waxed thread ealier. I am not quite sure why I bought it, but I did.

My riding pouch was showing signs of tear. I decided to try to mend it myself using the sewing kit and the thread. The stitching isn't the neat, nevertheless, more that six months later, it still held!

After the first stitching on the pouch, I was curious. I wonder if I could actually make anything. I somehow found a shop selling leather patch. One thing let to another, before I knew it, the initial sewing kit have grown into a kit that need a small tool box. From mending a torn pouch, I've begun making leather stuff: keychains, wallets, cases (handphone, tablet, memory card), and also tool pouches.

Now I'm sort of 'addicted' to it. I would love to be able to craft at one item each week.