Friday, October 31, 2008


If you don’t already know, unfinished is the one word best describes Kelly’s Castle. The owner built the house for his wife and children. Unfortunately the wife died before the house was completed. The owner continued to build the house. He was on his way to pick up what would be Malaysia’s first lift (or, if you are an American, elevator) when he fell ill and died.

The were no one there but me. The courtyard and the corridors were equally deserted. A breeze followed by windows slamming sent shiver down my spine. I had lived in one of those colonial 'government-owned' mansion. It was creepy, even when it was constantly inhabited. So imagine the creepiness of this unfinished and abandon structure.

However, even in its unfinished state, I could imagine the grandeur of the castle, had Kelly finished the project. Dark wooden floor. High ceiling. Hidden escape staircase. And even rooftop tennis court! I could almost see the company and parties that he might have thrown there.

Alas, the project was unfinished and abandon. And so, like the owners, I too left the castle.

(p.s. pictures uploaded.)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eerily deserted

The parking lot was eerily deserted. It was midday when I finally reached Kelly's Castle.

A sensible person would have told me to stay indoors or at least where it is cool and shaded. A serious photographer would have told me that the lighting is too harsh for any good photos. But I was pressed for time. Armed with a fisherman hat and a DSLR, I walked to the ticket counter.

The ticketman had his ear plugged with earphones. He wasn't expecting any visitor for he was looking the other way and singing his lungs out. I called him. As he turned, I could see that he was embarassed. The little 'concert' wasn't meant to be heard by anyone but him.

I paid the entrance fee and made my way to the castle. I had to cross a non-descript concrete bridge. Underneath the bridge was a river with rapid current and brownish water - signs that it must have rained somewhere upstream. Then, I had to climb a small hill.

I followed the walkway. Before I knew it, I reached the main 'courtyard'. It was more deserted than the parking lot!

(p.s. Photo added!)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Test entry

I had to change to a new (secondhand) phone. I couldn't get my trusty ol' T5 to go online with the new (secondhand) phone. So no updating blog from the T5.

After searching high and low, I finally found a software to update blog directly from my new (secondhand) phone - Samseng SGH I600. The typo was intentional, quoting a lady selling handphones.

However, I still prefer to update my blog using my T5. Maybe because I'm used to scribbling on its touch screen. On i600, I have no choice but to use the tiny QWERTY keyboard. It will take some times to get to use to it.I'll continue my previous story as soon as I get the hang of this new keyboard. Stay tune!

Monday, October 13, 2008


Sorry for long delay. And NO, I was not harrasted on my way to the hotel. I got back to the hotel safely, got ready for work and checked-out. While driving to work, something happened that cause the long delay in updating this blog. I'll get back to that later (maybe?).

While work is not the scope of this blog, here what I've overheard during work that day:
Man [to woman]: Cik or puan? [translation: Miss or Mrs / another way of asking woman marital status]
Woman: Cik [another way of saying I'm single]
Man [laughing and talking to another man]: Kecik lagi [another way of saying "tight!"]

I was aghast! Not by the remark, but from where it came from. From old man who should have had more maturity. As I drove that day, I wondered if the remarks was considered as 'sexual' harrasment.

p.s. It is still in the Islamic month of Syawal (the 13th). If it's not too late, Happy Eid Mubarak. I'll continue the story. Stay tune!