Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Eerily deserted

The parking lot was eerily deserted. It was midday when I finally reached Kelly's Castle.

A sensible person would have told me to stay indoors or at least where it is cool and shaded. A serious photographer would have told me that the lighting is too harsh for any good photos. But I was pressed for time. Armed with a fisherman hat and a DSLR, I walked to the ticket counter.

The ticketman had his ear plugged with earphones. He wasn't expecting any visitor for he was looking the other way and singing his lungs out. I called him. As he turned, I could see that he was embarassed. The little 'concert' wasn't meant to be heard by anyone but him.

I paid the entrance fee and made my way to the castle. I had to cross a non-descript concrete bridge. Underneath the bridge was a river with rapid current and brownish water - signs that it must have rained somewhere upstream. Then, I had to climb a small hill.

I followed the walkway. Before I knew it, I reached the main 'courtyard'. It was more deserted than the parking lot!

(p.s. Photo added!)


mieza yusoff said...

wei... pegi batu gajah tak singgah umah ke

Me said...

I did!

mieza yusoff said...

ooo bulan posa ari tu hehehe... sorry...