Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Few and Very Far A Part

Those words aptly describe the updates to this blog. 

It has been more than a year since my last update. And last year, there were only two entries.  I'll try to do better this year. 

Let start with what motivated me to update this blog today:
An OTG adaptor for Android device.

 Initially I bought it so that I could plug my thumb drive to my andriod tablet. Then rumaging through my old stuff, I found an old keyboard for mom's now-faulty android tablet. out of curiousity I plugged it in...

Now I have a nifty little thing that I can use to update this blog. 

Hopefully,with this nifty little thing, there will be more frequent update in this blog!

For Malaysians out there, happy Hari Merdeka ke-59!