Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's GE season again!

Five years ago I complained about too much of 'propaganda-like' adverts. It has begun quite early this time. The only consoling point is that the adverts are no longer 'right-in-your-face' adverts. They are more subtle.

I was right the last time when I said that too much of it could backfired and counter productive. The ruling party lost more seats in that election. Depending on what your political affiliation, this could either be good news or bad news to you. For a person that don't care much about political parties (such as your truly), for the past five years, the local political scene seemed to be a circus. Everyone wants to be a hero, trying to expose this and that.

On the plus side, these situations has made politicians more accountable on whatever they do. Every thing is scrutinized and criticized. From cows to bridges. From lands to condominiums. From water to forest. Everyone tried to make things right (even though each thinks that they are right the other are wrong). As such, regardless which ever coalition parties that wins this year, I much prefer the ratio of seats remains as it was. No more two third majority that would allow the system to be easily abused. No matter who or which political parties wins, when presented with temptation of power and money, many will falter. History eons ago has proven that. Even the Darth Vader in Star Wars began as a good person. ;)

May the force be with you!