Sunday, February 24, 2008

TV Adverts and Unsung Heroes

If I'm at home during weekends, I could most likely be found glued to the television. That's the time for me to catch up on news, etc. Commuting leaves me with little time for television during the weekdays. During the short period I have for television, I get easily irritated by unnecessary tv adverts (shampoo, soap etc) even if it was a short one.

So, you could imagine my disgust when local television stations began airing long 'propaganda-like' adverts. Colleagues from office remarked that the adverts are part of preparation for the coming election. As a simple tv viewer, I rather not have those adverts interrupting my tv programmes. Amazingly, I have yet to see or hear the catchy "marilah mengundi" from the election commission (EC). The 'propaganda-like' adverts must have taken over the air time normally enjoyed by the neutral EC's "marilah mengundi".

Still on the topic of election, today is the nomination day. A busy day for most politicians in Malaysia. You'll definitely see them on television. But what about those unsung heroes who were equally if not more busy than the politicians, burning the midnight oil just so everything went well. The the clerks from election commission, reporters, photographers, the telecommunication people, the electricity people etc. The clerks making sure all documents are in order. Reporters and photographers making sure there's news for tomorrow. Telecommunication people making sure the news actually get transmitted through the telecommunication line. The electricity people making sure uninterrupted power supply for all system. Even the general worker who had to prepare the venues. The list goes on. These unsung heroes might never be remembered for their contribution to this important event.

So if you are one of these unsung heroes, Thank you!

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