Friday, March 07, 2008

GE - 12

Not wanting to accidently promote any political party, I avoided commenting more about the local scene. Now that the voting period has ended, I can finally breathe.

I was beginning to feel suffocated by all the posters, tv and radio adverts. I wonder if the power to-be realize that too much of it could backfired and counter productive. Just the other day, while exiting to a main road , I almost ram into a car because posters from campaigning parties was blocking my view! On a different day, I almost ran a red traffic light because a flag block clear view of the traffic light from far.

Other than blocking views, some posters take away attention from the road. Naturally we would want to read the some of the things written. I found some of the promises are absurd. Some of the tag line are very lame. But I caught a glimpse of an independent candidate while speeding along a highway. His tag line was simple and at a certain degree reflected the state of local politics - political party has become somewhat a family affair.

Win or loose, I hope all parties will do their duty in bringing down all the posters and flags across the country. Malaysia already have high rate of road accident. We should reduce things that could contribute to road accidents.

To Malaysians who had to travel near and far to vote, drive safe!

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