Monday, October 13, 2008


Sorry for long delay. And NO, I was not harrasted on my way to the hotel. I got back to the hotel safely, got ready for work and checked-out. While driving to work, something happened that cause the long delay in updating this blog. I'll get back to that later (maybe?).

While work is not the scope of this blog, here what I've overheard during work that day:
Man [to woman]: Cik or puan? [translation: Miss or Mrs / another way of asking woman marital status]
Woman: Cik [another way of saying I'm single]
Man [laughing and talking to another man]: Kecik lagi [another way of saying "tight!"]

I was aghast! Not by the remark, but from where it came from. From old man who should have had more maturity. As I drove that day, I wondered if the remarks was considered as 'sexual' harrasment.

p.s. It is still in the Islamic month of Syawal (the 13th). If it's not too late, Happy Eid Mubarak. I'll continue the story. Stay tune!

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