Monday, September 22, 2008

Good Morning!
The next day, I woke up early for an early morning stroll in the park. I had wanted to watch the sun rise. At the jetty were boats ferrying people to and fro the islands. An old grandma had just parked her old bicycle laden with the day's newspaper.

I began to take photo. Then I realized, I had made the greatest mistake in digital photography - not having enough power supply!

I had to rush back to the hotel. Get a fresh set of battery. Unfortunately, like this old man (photo will be added later), the magic hour had passed. The jetty and the park was empty. Those people were commuters communiting to work. Nevertheless I continued walking, enjoying the soft morning breeze.

Before long a man stopped me for a chat. He wore a simple clothes. He had a little bag under his right arm. He had noticed me taking photos earlier. The park was a little deserted. I was a little alarmed. As I told him that I used to live here (trying to give the impression that I'm not exactly a tourist), I moved slowly so that I had my back to the more 'populated' part of the park. I was ready to flight should it was needed!

But nothing untoward happen. I told him that I need to get to work. The guy continued his journey. I made my way to the hotel. I really did need to get ready to go to work.

(p.s. I'm updating this post while on the bus to work. Pardon me for any grammar / spelling mistakes.The traffic is amazingly smooth! I guess it is because everyone else is already in the office.)

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