Thursday, September 13, 2007

Plan B

While riding in a colleague’s car, a friend asked what’s my plan B (career wise). I didn’t even have Plan A!

When I was young, I never could see myself in 20 years ahead. I still couldn’t. Unlike those ambitious people who didn’t have to think twice about their ambition (doctor, lawyer, teacher, etc.), I never could put a name to my ambition. All I could see was that I want to be free. I’ve always want to be able just to pack my bag and leave when ever I want, to where ever.

My life so far is like a journey on a river. I just follow its flow. There were rapids. There were calms. Occasionally there were falls. But I still follow where it takes me. I took what ever it gave me. Even though I can’t just pack my bags and leave, life have been kind enough to take me to places.

Now, life have brought me here. So here I am, doing what I’m doing now. Still no plans yet!

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