Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My First Entry

Today is the last day of the first month (translation : 31 January 2006). Some where before the new year began, I made a list for some of the things I wish to accomplish this year. Among the item in the list, is to travel / visit at least one place or experience one new thing in a month. Another item on the list is to create a blog. One month has passed, still I went no where. If I don't start this blog today, well, I think another resolution gone to the drain.

The first entry is connecting to the internet using my Tungsten T5 . After countless attempts in troubleshooting with Celcom call centre, finally we (the agent at the call centre by the name Daniel and I) managed to get the Tungsten online. In Celcom website, no guideline on how to connect Tungsten T5 is provided. I'm using Siemens S45 to connect Tungsten T5 to the internet via GPRS (post paid account). The network provider is Celcom.

Before setting the T5, make sure your phone have been configure:
1. Follow the steps in the website (http://www.celcom.com.my) to configure the telephone
2. Verify that the setting is correct, try to access the celcom wap portal using the Siemens s45

Here's how you configure the T5:

Step 1: Configure the phone connection in your palm
1. Go to Preferences > connection
2. Click "new"
3. Name: siemens<- any="" br="" name="" want="" you=""> Connect to: phone
Via: Infrared
Model: Standard GSM
4. click "details..."
5. Speed: 115 200bps
Init string: +cgdcont=1,"IP","celcom.net.my"
Click "ok"
6. Click "ok" to safe the phone connection.
7. Click "done"

Step 2: Setting up & making network connection
1. Go to preferences > network
2. Click "new"
3. Service: Celcom <- any="" br="" name="" want="" you=""> User name: g
Password: g
connection: Siemens <- 1="" br="" from="" name="" same="" step=""> phone: *99***1#
4. Click "connect" to log on to the network. (By the way, don't forget to turn on the phone infrared. To do this go to menu > setup > connectivity > IrDA )

Step 3: Browsing the internet
1. Launch your browser. I use the Blazer that was pre'installed' in the T5
2. Type the URL of the site you want to go.

It's that easy, right? It wasn't so if you are the first to call and ask. For prepaid accounts, set up might be a bit different. Give the fella at the call centre a call to get the configuration.

Next, I'll have to figure out how to update this blog using my T5.

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