Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

I went to the premier of the Da Vinci Code. I haven't read the book or any other books related to it. But I've watched the documentary on "Gospel of Judas". And with all the publicity surrounding the film, I got some rough idea what the film is about.

My companion have read the book and thinks that the book is much better than the film. Books would almost always be better than films. With books, you paint the characters and the scenes in your mind. You picture them perfectly as you want. However, with films, someone else (the directors etc) paints them for you and will never as perfect as the picture in your mind.

Having said that, some background information is quite important in watching films adapted from books. These kind of films tend to leave some information. Some times you would be lost as to who is who, why it is so. For example, while there were plenty of information on Priory of Sion, none were provided on Opus Dei in the film. Suddenly, the French policeman admitted to his friend that he's an Opus Dei. Another example is why Silas is torturing himself.

The film was ok. But lack the climacks and suspenses. I came out of the cinema marvelling the way how people almost always try to rationalize things that are beyond their comprehension. I have no doubt that Dan Brown did extensive research and then skillfully blends facts and fictions into one.

Read the book or watch the film and digest as if it was total a fiction. If you have the means, research the things that you think are facts. Otherwise, leave it be.

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