Thursday, June 01, 2006

Chow Kit II

It was a sunny Tuesday noon. But not too hot. Just nice for a stroll. So I got off the bus and onto the sidewalk.

"Dangdut" music was blaring from many of the shops. I also noticed that there were many small booths selling traditional 'health tonic' made of among others raw eggs. I can't help but feel as if I was in some part of Indonesia (even though I've never been there).

Feeling a bit hungry, I looked for a suitable place to eat. I spotted a reputable looking restaurant accross the road. I headed to the traffic light and waited for the "lintas" sign to light up. I crossed the road only to find that the restaurant (no name mentioned) was not up to my (cleanliness) standard.

I continued walking and found this infamous Lorong Haji Taib (Haji Taib Lane). I have to say, the reputation does not give justice to the term 'Haji' - religious men who had performed Hajj. The area have the reputation of being sort of THE PLACE for flesh trades. Poor Haji Taib (whoever he is) for having such reputation attached to his name. In order to get rid of the image, the government turned the lane into sort of 'night market'.I'm not sure if the effort has any success. At the time of my walk (midday), it looked like a deserted lane.

Yesterday, I used the lane to cut through traffic jams and get into Raja Laut Road. It was around 5.45pm. I spotted at least three ladies standing at the sidewalk. They looked like as if they were waiting. That's a tell-tale of them being a 'trader'. I had expected them to wear sexy and fleshy clothes, but all were in reasonably decent outfit. Short thight skirts, but not too short. No bare back or cleavage-showing dresses.

As I was turning my car into Raja Laut road, I spotted a sexy looking lady sitting next to a telephone junction box. With her long hair and and carefully made-up face as well as shapely physique, she was an attention grabber. But I realized something, she was kind of big. Then I realize, she might not be a 'she' after all.

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