Saturday, July 01, 2006

Day 6 (23rd June 2006)

7.30am – We checked out. I began to have a bit of stomach upset – enough to set the alarm in my travel companion, Gang. Our guide took us for one last shopping trip. Russian Market. No idea why it is called Russian Market. We also stopped at a place call Yueshow. Both were located within areas frequent by foreigners (as in white people). By 11.00am, we left for lunch.

12.00pm – Lunch. It was splendid. As the rest of the group said, the final lunch pretty much erase all bad memory of food (especially breakfast) during the tour.

2.15pm – We reached the airport. We bid adieu to Fariz and Jiang. We checked in our luggage.

4.35pm – We boarded the plane, flight MH 379. Again, after a series of seat swapping, we managed to sit next to each other. This time, Gang was on my left, and Ma Hen on my right. Bye-bye Beijing.

10.50pm – Touch down. After alarming long wait for Ma Hen luggage, we finally got all luggages. We headed to the arrival hall and then went our separate ways.

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