Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Fewer and far apart

The title would aptly describe the entries in this blog. Since its inception almost one year ago, the main theme of this blog has been about the journey I travelled and the things that I've discovered.

This year is the Visit Malaysia Year 2007 (VMY 2007). I should be making lot's of journey, at least around KL since I'm based there. Unfortunately, I was not able to travel as frequent as I would love to. Why, well perhaps the weather is making me feel somewhat under the weather (no pun intended).

The year started with rainy season. If it is not raining in the morning, it would be in afternoon. It was so bad that certain area to the South of Penninsular Malaysia were flooded. The states badly hit by this flood so far is Johor. The flooding in the south is somewhat out of ordinary. Especially when it is as bad as this year. Normally the state affected would be those in the East Coast (Pahang, Kelantan, and Terengganu).

What rainy season has got to do with fewer and far apart blog entries? I had to opt for a slightly more expensive mode of transportation to get around, driving, instead of taking the public transport. Driving around KL during rainy season, require a certain degree of alertness to brave through the traffic jams and, occasionally flash flood. Not taking the public transport means that I have less time for blogging because I do most of my jottings while waiting for these public transport, and while on it. Other than that, the slightly more expensive mode of transportation made the fund for side excursions to dwindle.

You can help to fund the excursions and ultimately increase the entries in this blog by (a)Clicking the Google Ads (b)Buy stuff online at http://my.lulu.com/ryn. Besides money, other things on my wish list are:
1) Motorbike - So I can wheez through the traffic jams and save money (petrol, parking fees etc.). Having a motorbike would also mean that I could go to more places.
2) dSLR - So I could capture interesting things / places and post the pictures on this blog.

Thanks in advance.

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