Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More New Gadget... Bluetooth Dongle

The old one had been intermittent since last week. Some times it wouldn't work. But after plugging and unplugging, as well as restarting the program, it would work. However this morning, it refused to work. Even after I restart my pc.

Reluctantly I headed to the computer shop to find a new dongle. Turns out some people don't call it dongle, they call it bluetooth adaptor. After scouting high and low (literally! I actually walked up and down the mall) I finally settled for one. Brought it back to theroom, but couldn't get the driver installed. Had to go back to the shop. I brought along my laptop, just in case the replacement was also faulty. Didn't want to have to go again.

So there I was, installing the thing. Yup the replacement cd could work. Unfortunately, the dongle refused to connect with my 6233. The shop assistant kept saying to me that use card reader to transfer stuff to handphone. Why would you use bluetooth only to transfer files. I told him I need the bluetooth to connect to internet. They were amazed. I guess they never heard of anyone doing that. Needless to say, they don't know how to get the pc to connect to the internet.

However, heads down to the the man, he helped to get the 6233 to connect to the pc. As he said, at least we know the new dongle works. The internet part, he don't know. We came to an agreement, I would take the dongle home for a night, and find out how to get it to connect to internet. If I still failed, I would return the dongle, and he would replace it with something of similar value. I was frustrated, I want my internet! But I agreed anyway.

I glad I did. I finally managed to get it connected to the internet. Turns out the new dongle is a bit more advance from my previous dongles (yes, I've had 2). That's why it was a bit complicated to get the thing configured. While connected to the internet, I could hot-synch my palm. My previous dongles would give the error message somewhere along the line "the bluetooth device is being used..".

With more configuring, maybe I could get my palm to share internet connection with my pc. For the time being, I just hope that I don't have to reconfigure everything after I shut down my laptop.

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