Monday, June 18, 2007

Went for a Swim

Yes, I did went for a swim yesterday. But apart from the fact that I've not swim for a long time, nothing unusual about it. What unusual is when your electronic gadgets 'decide' to 'go' for a swim and came 'back' alive!

I was tidying up things in the bathroom - picking up dirty laundry etc. - when I heard 'plup'. It was the sound of something small but heavy being dropped into the water. Something must have dropped from the many things I was holding. I looked down. Oh no! To my horror, it was my trusty old T5.

I picked it up. With water still dripping, I blowed dry the T5 (using a hair-dryer). After it was sufficiently dried, I switched it on. Nothing happened. Perhaps some of the inner parts are still wet. So I left it to dry by the window.

This morning I tried switching it on. Nothing happened. Not sure what else to do, I left it by the window. Throughout the day I ponder what to do. The T5 is already out of warranty. How much would it cost me to repair or replace it? Have I synchronize everything in the T5 with my pc recently? Can I live without my T5? Lots of questions went through my mind today.

Just now, out of curiousity, I plugged the T5 to the charger and switched it on. Wallah we are back online! Except for visible spots underneath the screen, everything else seems okay.

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