Friday, November 02, 2007

Heart vs brain

Yesterday morning, before leaving the house, I had this weird feeling. I almost always got it whenever something is about to happen. I ignored the feeling and went to work.

Then while on the bike, I reached a junction. One would take me to my usual route to the office. The other alternative route, a narrow winding road up and downhill, also would take me to my office. My heart was telling me to take the alternative route since it was early and the weather was just nice for a morning ride. My brain was saying I should stick to the usual three-lanes-main road, which I did!

Just before the mishap, my heart and brain finally agreed with each other. My heart said something bad was about to happen. My brain told me to brace for a fall.

I’m just wondering, when should we listen to our heart, and when should we listen to our brain?

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