Sunday, December 09, 2007

Day 9 (Sunday): Rome - KLIA

Breakfast at the hotel. It was our last day in Italy. I had wanted to go to the park near our hotel again. However I woke up late. I had a restless night. My aching right knee woke me up every now and then through out the night.

We already checked out of the hotel and on the bus to the airport. 40 minutes later we reached the airport in Fiumicino. We checked in our luggage and lingered for a while.

We queued at the security check. There was a long queue. 20 minutes later, it was my turn. I emptied my pocket, put my backpack into the scanning machine. I walked into the metal detector gate. “Beeep!”. The security guard asked me to take off my boots and my scarf! Not wanting to make any scene, I obliged. Sure enough, the thing did not beep!

After uneventful check at the immigration, and speed train ride, we reached the gate for international flight. The flight, scheduled for departure at 12.20pm got delayed.

We finally boarded the flight home. I though the waiting was over. But no. According to the captain, we would be delayed. There was too much traffic! Can you believe it? My first air traffic jam! The plane finally took off at 2pm.

That was the time on my T5. But the plane must have crossed some time zone for it was sunset. Before I knew it, I lost sense of time. More than 10,000 km later, we landed in KLIA around 7.30am Malaysian time on Monday 19th November.

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