Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Away on a Road trip

No, not road trip in Rome. Yes, I know I should finish my Italy entries before starting a new topic. I can't finish my entry on Italy since I didn't bring my travel notes. I'm now in Melaka.

I have some work to do in Melaka. I initially wanted to do a day trip. But I was too lazy to drive. So I decided to take a room in one of those many guest house in Melaka. The guest house may look dubious, but don't be fooled. I got a decent air-cond room with attached bathroom for RM40 per night. Since no shoes is allowed in-doors, the floor is clean! There's at least three power points in the room (including one for the air-cond). And two types of lighting - bright white light, or two dim-warm light.

As much as I hate to shop, I went for shopping. I had to buy a set of clothing for work tomorrow! In between shopping and finding the room, I managed to go for some sight-seeing.


Zetty said...

jalan jalan jek ehhh. but the accomodation tu quite surprising la. nampak nice from ur pix.

Ryn said...

It's a cozy place. There's common living room, dining area, and kitchen (you can cook if you want) where you can mingle with other travellers. I didn't take photos of those coz' I was kind of too tired to mingle.

Good thing about getting a room in these kind of guest houses, they normally let you see the room first. You can take it or leave it, no obligation.

The 'host' is a Malay guy (forgot to take his name). I highly recomend for Muslims travellers (there's Qiblat marking on the ceiling, and you can borrow sajadah from the host). Iron (for ironing clothes, not play golf) can also be borrowed (which I did!). Fresh towel was provided. Toiletries etc, you'll have to bring your own. Just like staying in someone else's house, be courtious to the host and other travellers.

And last but not least, when you leave some one else's house, you don't leave a messy room and toilet. Same rule applies.

I should be a travel journalist! Any one want's me to review their place, feel free to invite me over. I don't charge anything, just cover my food (I'm a lacto vegetarian who eat fish) and lodging. hahahah. ;)