Friday, April 18, 2008

One month later

It has been a month since I left Jakarta.

This entry is dedicated to Mutiara who has taken a complete stranger unconditionally into her home, family and friends. Everyone's (and especially hers) generosity and hospitality never failed to amazes me.

Without realizing it, she has reminded and taught me many things that I will never be able to put into words. I thank the Almighty for letting our path crossed.

Mutiara and I shook hands in Cibinong Terminal as strangers but left embracing each other like old friends in Jakarta.

My greatest hope is that our friendship will continue though we are seperated by distance.

Thank you very much for the experiences, kindness, generosity, hospitality, and friendship. May you have joy, happiness and a blessed life.
(p.s. I know it has been a month and I still haven't finish all the entries about the trip. I'm getting there. Thank you for your patience.)

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