Friday, August 08, 2008


"… tak takut mati ka?" [translation: (are you) not afraid to die?]

If you have been using Malaysian roads long enough, you probably have heard somebody yelling something like this angrily to someone.

I’ve been in many situations that could have caused my demise. Close friends would remember how dangerously fast I used to drive. And what with the solo wanderings in foreign lands. Yet, I’m still alive. Bumped, bruised and wounded, maybe, but I’m still very much alive! Which made me think that the Almighty has bigger plan for me. If my time has not come, no matter what I do, I’ll continuously cheats death. And if my time is up, nothing could ever stop it.

Experiences have thought me that there are no guarantees in life. No matter how hard you plan, there’s no guarantee that things will work the way you want. Every now and then you will fall and have to get up. There’s no guarantee that everyone will have a good life. The only guarantee that we have is that we all will die, eventually. Logic tells me that we should be afraid of things that have no guarantee. So, we should be afraid to live and not to die, right?

Which reminds me of a sensible advice I got years ago: live life as if you will die tomorrow.

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