Saturday, February 21, 2009

New chapter

While Kakak waited to begin a new chapter in her life, I went outside. Unlike Malaysian wedding, where there would be tables and chairs at the dining area (in this case the tent area), there weren't any tables. The only tables around was at the reception area - complete with 'receptionist'!. On the tables were guest books, and lo and behold, a collection jar. At the junction leading the to the house, was a decoration made of coconut leaves called "janur".

Day 2 (Sunday 25th January 2009) – Solemnization
After waiting for a few minutes, the "juru nikah" (the person who register the marriage) came. They brought the Kakak and KP out to the front porch. Everyone took their seat. The ceremony begun with all the neccassary paper work. It was read, signed and verified by the Kakak's father and a witness. Then the KP gave the Kakak the "mas kahwin" (dowry).

Before the solemnization, the microphone was given to the Kakak. She read a very touching speech. She thanked her parents for their love, time, and money in raising her up. She asked the blessing and permission from her father to be married to the man she had chosen. The speech was so touching, that it drew tears from her mom.

Kakak's father shook KP's hand. They both read out the "akad" from the cue card. Once KP agreed to be married to Kakak, he was officially Kakak's hubby (and thus, from now onward KP will be known as KH). After a short 'doa' (prayer thanking God for the smooth solemnization), KH read out the "taklik". "Taklik" is sort of a pre-nuptial stating the conditions when Kakak entitle to ask for a divorce and when KH entitle to divorce her.

Once KH finished reading the "taklik" KH and Kakak exchanged wedding ring. For the first time, Kakak shook KH hand as his wife. Then they both went around to shook hands (and hugged) their parents. It was during this time that the women folks in the house fussed over something.

They brought out a chicken dish. The newly weds were asked to pull the chicken apart. According to custom, the amount of chicked each side get represent the amount of give/take each will undertook in the marriage. Whoever get the chicken head represent who actually heads the family. Due to this, KH might have been very glad to find that he got the head!

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