Saturday, June 20, 2009


After a few sleep-deprived nights, I finally 'colapse' in exhaustion last night. I fell asleep right after having a light dinner. I was suppose to go out for meal with my brother and his family last night.

I must have been in a very deep sleep. However, a few days of waking up early have tuned my biological clock to wake up early, even when I have no intention of doing so. I woke up in the middle of the night, grope for my phone in the darkness, and glance at the screen. 3am. I also noticed the 'miss-call' icon as well as the 'sms' icon at one corner of the screen. They were from my brother.

Too late (or is it too early) to return the call, I tried hard to go back to sleep but failed. And so I occupy the time by reading e-mails, arranging schedule for next week, reading other people's blogs and finally , realized that I haven't updated mine with any meaningful enteries lately.

Since I took up my current job, I'm left with little time by myself to kill. Previously, I had bus/train rides to the office, stuck in traffic jams, and the numerous waitings (for meetings, for public transports etc.). Nowadays, work seems to occupy most of my time. Public transports do not cover most of the routes that I take, so I have to drive most of the time. There's no KL-like-gridlock-traffic-jams for me to have time to blog in the car. When I'm not driving, my staff drives (yes, I have plenty of staff to boss/lead), hence the time while travellings or waitings are mostly use for work-related discussion with colleagues and staff.

By the time I reached home, my brain couldn't put thoughts into words anymore. So I either sleep early (like last night), or watch television till I fall asleep. I am glad that my so-called-office is not in the same district with my house. Otherwise, I might become a full-fledge workaholic! And now, since the sun will rise soon, let me peel myself off bed, take a shower and head to my brother's to have that promised meal.

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