Saturday, June 06, 2009

Life in Short

To sum up some of the things happened between the Indonesian trip and now:

March 2009

Caught nasty chicken pox from my little nephew. Poxes covered my body and back. Fortunately the medicine was strong enough to knock me out. I spent two weeks recuperating at home. By the third week, work was piling up and I was back in the office even though a few of the poxes haven't fully 'dried'.

April 2009

Catching up with work and trying to complete every thing before the next trip. In between work, we managed to plan for our trip.

May 2009

Flew to New Zealand. Went for a self-drive road trip which included a boat ride to a volcanic island. Attended a friend's wedding. Upon returning to Malaysia, had a little sore throat and cough - symptoms of H1N1. Luckily I didn't have any fever. Nevertheless, the Health Ministry gave the order for a week of house quarentine. Cleared of the flue, I was back playing catching up with work.

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