Friday, December 11, 2009

To the land of Kiwis - A frantic start

The plan was to meet at the airport and check-in together, then dinner at the airport. Unfortunately, I got tied to work on the day that I was suppose to leave Malaysia.

It was already evening when I left the office. I did a few last minutes packing and hitched a ride to KLIA. In the car, I was told that for international flight, I should checked in and get through the security checks two hours before the flight. My vehicle-operator (a.k.a. the person who drove the car), frequent traveler himself(though for business), was well aware about it. So while speeding along the deserted road, he told me to try to check-in online. His concern was real, it was 7pm, and I was still in the car! My flight was scheduled on 9.10pm.

I took out my laptop, thanks to Celcom, got connected to internet (you'll be amazed at the coverage!). I logged on the MAS website. Yes, I could check-in online. But I wasn't sure about my luggage. I think I was suppose to print the slip and paste it on the luggage. Since I didn't have any printer in the car, I had to keep my finger crossed and hope for the best.

Thanks to the hair-rising-car-ride, I reached the airport in a jif. I practically jumped out of the car, grabbed my suitecase from the trunk, and ran to the counter. I thought I was late, but there were this other bunch of caucasians ladies running to the counter too! And they had less than an hour to check-in and get pass the security to catch their flight!

The efficient service at the check-in counter was great. Checking-in was a breeze. I, along with the Caucasians ladies, made a dash to the departure gate and the immigration check. At the immigration counter, I wished the ladies good luck and ran frantically to my boarding gate, while at the same time hearing the boarding call announced over the speaker.

I reached my boarding gate around 8pm. Panting for air, I looked around and saw none of my travelling buddies! A few minutes later the gate to the waiting area opened, and still no sign of my buddies. I was baffled. Earlier in the car, they told me via the telephone, that they'd checked in. I gave them a call. They were still having dinner. They didn't hear the announcement. Now it was their turn to rush to the boarding gate.

It was a great relief when I finally saw them. They packed a burger for my dinner. Unfortunately, the soft drink had to be tossed away at the security check. I gobbled down the burger (thankfully I didn't chocked on the food). We boarded the plane soon after I finished my food.

The flight was uneventful. All the facilities was great - in-flight entertainment, the food, and the juice. The guava juice was great. I asked for refill numerous time, so often that the flight attendant knew my face!

We touched down Auckland the following morning.

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