Friday, January 25, 2013

Micro-adventure: First lil' adventure for 2013 - Part 1

It was such a lovely day to be out. Cool and after-the-rain kind of weather. So instead of wasting the nice weather, I went cycling. Since it was a working day for most people, I decided to wear office attire. Just to see if it is possible to still be presentable in office attire after some paddling. So off I went.

Rode the lil' red as if I was a pedestrian, utilizing the crossings and broad sidewalk. Enjoyed the safety of the broad sidewalk (from fast moving vehicles) until it was blocked by cars.

Put on the safety vest and began to ride on the main road. Passed by numerous unsung heroes who make the city work. The road sweeper who gave way. The construction workers who smiled and stopped traffic so I could pass. Security guards who directed me to the right directions.

Reached some office buildings in KL Sentral. Parked lil' red and went into one of the buildings. Used their washroom to see if I was still presentable. I sweat, but just a bit, not as much as I had expected. I looked just as I would have looked if I had been walking from my car. I sat on a bench and before I knew it, my shirt was dried again. Time to get going again.

The route I took this time has better sidewalks. Most are properly paved. And the drains are covered. But the nice sidewalks have the tendency of coming to an abrupt end. I was forced to cycle on the main road. As cars and lorries zapped pass me, I made a mental note that I need to somehow attach a side mirror to the lil' red.

As if dodging fast moving vehicles were not enough, I soon faced with a huge puddle of water. The water took up the left most lane and the middle lane. Had to halt under the dark overhead bridge to figure out how to avoid the water and at the same time not get run over. Had to make a quick decision.

Even with my bright safety vest and blinking red rear light, I didn't felt safe to be stopping for so long under the overhead bridge. Once the road was clear, I sprinted across the road from the left to the right most lane. Then sprinted forward until I cleared the water puddle and sprinted back to the left side.  Before long, I found myself in front of KL railway station.

Opposite the railway station is a posh hotel. The building was previously the "Balai Seni Lukis Negara". I remember visiting the art gallery when I was young. It was somewhat a dark gloomy place for an art gallery. Now, the building has been given a fresh look befitting its new name, Hotel Majestic.

Next destination was suppose to be the Islamic Museum some where near the national mosque. I must have taken a wrong turn. After a steep climb (or rather pushing the lil'red) I still did not see any entrance to the museum. I had given up and was about to turn back at a parking lot when I spotted an obscure signboard at the gate. I didn't think there would be anything interesting, but since I was already there, I went in anyway. 

How wrong I was! There were police uniforms, equipment. weapons, and vehicles from different eras. They have replica of the police during Portuguese Era in Malacca. The guns on display, I am not sure if they are the originals or replicas. 

I particularly like the photography equipment collection. Not only they have those old darkroom equipment, they also have a camera collection of various age and size.

They even have the spy cam that we see in the old James Bond films!

 ... to be continued

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