Friday, December 06, 2013

Mixed feelings

That was what I felt when I saw a newly opened fast food outlet. If it was some where else, it didn't matter much.

It is becoming the first landmark that you will see upon exiting from the PLUS expressway at Seremban. It matters because Seremban is the state capital of Negeri Sembilan, "negeri beradat" ('cultured state'). It being the first landmark and upstaging the museum nearby, seems to give the message that fast food and wealth are more important than heritage and culture. It is more apparent when I saw that there were no other visitors in the museum despite this being the school holidays. There were no shortage of patrons at the fast food outlet!

While this is not as severe as the destruction of an ancient site in Kedah recently, it nevertheless saddens me. But at the same time, I can't deny that I'm glad that a quick bite is just around the corner, 24/7!

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