Saturday, September 03, 2016


... that's a Malay word for deaf. It is also the title of a Malaysian that had won some international award recently.

Looking at the poster, it easy to over simplify that the film is yet another love story. But it's not really a love story. At least not the typical Malaysian love stories that are full of unattainable fantacies. I can't seem to recall any where in the film where the two main characters (in the above poster) confest their love to each other. Don't expect of those corny I-love-you-you-love-me kind of dialogues and love scenes in this film.

This is a 'heavy' film. It deals with 'heavy' and serious subjects. But at the same time the film sucessfully blends in elements of comedy, suspence, thriller into one seamless flow.

"PEKAK" is the kind of films that the Malaysian film industry should produce more. Unfortunately, looking at the turn up at the cinema hall, I doubt the film would hit any box office.

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