Friday, February 24, 2006

Day 4: Last Day in Phuket

Today is our last day in Phuket. We don't have much time, our flight was scheduled at 1.30pm. We woke up early and headed to the beach. We didn't even eat breakfast. I brought my day pack, thinking that we might want to eat at the beach.This was the first time we actually went to Patong Beach.

At the beach, taking a stroll. We walked from one end to another. We took a lot of photos. Thanks to the invention of digital camera, we don't have to worry about film. The beach was kind of deserted. Except for one or two people, no one else seemed to be swimming. Everyone either jogged, or walked along the beach. We might be the only people busy taking photos.

The Thais were busy cleaning the beach and arranging the beach chairs as well as umbrellas. Some were preparing their boats, and jetskies.

The beach itself is clean. The water is crystal clear. Howerver, the sand underneath my feet wasn't as white as the sand in Long Beach. And my feet didn't sink as deep either, in the sand. It is amazing to note that even though we couldn't see any rubbish bin around the each, there wasn't much rubish.

Returned to hotel for 'brunch' (breakfast cum lunch) and got ready to leave Patong. It seemed like we've only arrived yesterday. I wish I could stay a little bit longer.

Narin came as promised. By now, the drive via the hilly road have become some what a routine. It took about an hour to get to the airport. We bade farewell to Narin. We checked in our luggage and went into the boarding area.

We boarded the plane. This time we were able to choose our seats. The plane took off as schedule (1.30pm).

3.45pm (KL time)
The plane landed at KLIA. The flight actually took approximately one hour. We took our bags and headed to Shah Alam on a taxi. Our oversea trip have ended. I left my heart in Phuket.

Trip recap
Trip objective:
1. Have a good time - done
2. Experiment with technology - done
3. Test Celcom network - done

Trip observation:
1. Bookings (hotels, excursions) via agents is cheaper than booking yourself.
2. Writing long entries on T5 is painfully slow and tedious.
3. Celcom prepaid works in Phuket, except for SMS. To make phone calls dial *120*6<'areacode'><'phonenumber'>#. GPRS also works. If it doesn't, try selecting different network - AIS GSM and DTAC worked for me. Unfortunate I hardly make any phone call or browse the Net. All in all I spent less than RM10 for communication.
4. The places that we passed by and visited were very clean despite having no dustbins in-sight.
5. The tours and excursions were very well organized. Main tour operators have agents selling the tours. Tourist were given stickers to differentiate which tour they paid for and would be ushered accordingly.

Trip conclusion:
1. Need to come back to Phuket. Next time have to customise all excursion and pre-book every thing.
2. Definately have to buy infrared keyboard for my T5.
3. Have to install dictionary so I won't have any more trouble finding the right words and spellings.
4. Need to remember your credit card PIN just in case you need extra cash. I thought I did, but when I tried, it was invalid.
5. Travel writing needs a lot of commitment, especially at the end of the day when you feel very tired, but you have to finish writing.
6. The configuration for prepaid GPRS is the same with postpaid. Just replace "" with "celcom".

All in all, it was a great trip. Now I need to worry about work. Sigh.

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