Saturday, March 04, 2006

Pangkor Island
Yesterday, on my way home from work, I received a phone call. I was invited to tag along to Pangkor. Who could say no to such invitation. So, today, 4th March, I got ready for the trip.

We left KL. We used the old trunk road. The old trunk road cut through rural areas, passed oil palm plantations, villages, and fruit orchards. Even in the big Naza, the three hours drive was a little bumpy.

We reached Lumut. The last time I came to Lumut was five years ago as an intern. A lot has changed since then. Some of the old building were replaced by newer ones. Nevertheless, I could still recognized the mamak's shop where I enjoyed my occasional 'tosay'.

We went to the jetty. The facade looked bright and new, but the jetty was the old one. At the old jetty, the old wooden ferries were no where to be seen. Perhaps they were phased out by the new steel type. The ferry to Teluk Dalam left around fifteen minutes later.

We reached the Teluk Dalam jetty where the hotel van was waiting. The small wooden jetty looked familiar. The short drive to the hotel managed to jogged my memory. I've passed this part of Pangkor Island while exploring the island on motorcycle some five years ago. We checked-in and had our 'long-over-due' lunch.

I wanted to relax on the hammock by the beach. However, the stench brought by the rising tide was unbearable. In addition to the stench, the resort looked neglected - overgrown grass and broken pavement. I can't help but compared the beach - and resort - with the one we went in Phuket.
No matter what tide it was, we didn't experience any unwelcoming stench from the sea. Could it be because the beaches that we went to, face the open sea, whereas, if my geography is right, this Teluk Dalam faces Peninsular Malaysia.

I hanged out at the cosy lobby. From there, I could hear the life band singing. Stayed there for a while before heading to my room. Since I was only tagging along, dinner was not included. That was a small matter. We brought some food with us. I ate bread with tuna.

I decided to head to bed early. My back was a bit sore from the long drive. Maybe age is catching up on me. Anyway, tomorrow I would like to watch the sun rise, so I need to wake up early.

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