Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sunrise from the Horizon
The alarm went off at 6.20am. I did what I normally do on weekends, put it into snooze.

We wanted to watch sunrise from the observation tower. Unfortuately, we could not see the sun rise from the horizon. It could have been due to the morning fog. Or could have been the location of the beach. Not satisfy with the view from the tower, we headed to the beach. Unlike yesterday, the air was fresh.

I can't help but compare Teluk Dalam with Patong. At this hour, the Thais would be cleaning their beach and setting up their trade. At Teluk Dalam, none of that was happening. Though the water at Teluk Dalam was as clear as the water in Patong, charred twigs were washed up to the shore. Beside that, instead of finding life crab crawling on the sandy beach, I only found dead crab - or rather what left of it.

Went for breakfast in the room before heading to the swimming pool. I sat by the pool side. A few minutes later I realised that the reflection from the water is giving me a slight headache. I had to retire to my room and lie down.

I was already at the lobby. We checked out and waited for our van to Pangkor Town.

Finally, we were ready to leave the resort. We boarded the van to Pangkor Town. We drove through the familiar scenery - Teluk Nipah, Bongak and the chinese school. Much of it was still the same. Only the wooden bridge was replaced by a concrete one.

The beach on the other side of the Island definitely more beautiful and have more activity. If you are looking for peace and quiet - seclusion included - then Teluk Dalam is for you. Otherwise go to the beaches that faces the sea.

The van stopped at Pangkor Jetty approximately half an hour later. It is sad that there was no left-luggage counter at the jetty. Since I was feeling some what under the weather, I volunteered to stay at the jetty with the bags, while the rest went for shopping.

We boarded the ferry to Lumut. Half an hour later we reached Lumut. With that our trip came to an end. Again, I have to start thinking about work tomorrow.

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