Monday, March 13, 2006

Malaysian Public Transport Pt 2

Today I went for lunch picnic in KLCC park. I'll reserve that story for some other entry. Not wanting to drive and get caught in all sort of driving-related-predicament (traffic jam, parking space, etc.), I decided to take the bus. As in the previous entry, I had to walk to the nearest bus stop.

Left the building and walked to the bus stop. Stopped to buy lunch at a foodcourt along the way. The sun is still hot but today I was not drenched. Maybe because of the stop-over at the foodcourt.

I reached the bus stop approximately five minutes later. I wondered if the bus to KLCC would stop here. No one around to ask. Neither was there any bus route map at the bus stop.

The bus came. Actually three buses arrived at the same time. Squinting my myopic-eyes trying to see which bus to take, I decided to take the second bus in the queue. Asked the bus driver-cum-conductor whether the bus goes to KLCC - just in case I got the wrong bus - and how much is the bus fare. I must say his reply was not rude, it wasn't exactly friendly either. The fare is RM2 for the whole day. Great news, I could use the same ticket later. The bus itself is clean and new, with some chairs still wrapped in plastic cover.

The bus reached my destination. I had to ask the unfriendly driver where to catch the bus to return to my building. I was glad when he gave the answer - even though he was still in his unfriendly tone.

After eating my lunch and running some errants, I headed to the bus stop. From far, I saw a RapidKL bus. Great! I quicken my pace so that I won't miss the bus. Yes, I did not miss the bus. Not because I was quick, but because no one was on the bus - not even the bus driver. I turned around, and saw a bunch of men in RapidKL uniforms.

I asked them for the direction to get back to my building. Well, these men were more interested in chatting with each other than helping confused commuters like me. They directed me to a newly arrived bus. Lucky for me, I have the habit of asking bus drivers before boarding any bus. That habit saved me from taking the wrong bus to god-knows-where.

I got down, and flagged another bus. I asked the driver whether his bus would pass my building. He was more eager to get moving than to have me on his bus. He closed the door (with me in it) and drove away without exactly answering my question. His reply gave me the impression that I'm in the wrong bus. I got no choice but to sit down. As I sat, I realized that I was the only passenger on the bus!

I was glad when the bus took the familiar turns into familiar roads. I reached my building at 2.10pm.

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