Monday, March 20, 2006

The End for My Old Siemens

I love my Old Siemens very much. It has been with me since before I registered for GPRS till the day they introduce 3G. Since before I bought my T5. It has been to places with me. From Singapore to Thailand. From Southeast Asia to Middle East. It also has been to Tanjung Piai, Johor - Southern-most tip of mainland Asia.

It had suffered numerous drops - some as high as from second floor to the first floor - and still survived. Even with the cracked 'monochrome' screen, it still could display all the required info. The voice from the speaker sounded just as it had when I first bought it. So was the ring tones. The battery also functioned properly. Nothing deteriorated - except for the battered look it aquired from the all falls.

My Old Siemens also had undergone numerous 'technological test'. From simple reception testing in rural Malaysia to GPRS connectivity oversea. From WAP browsing on the phone to Internet browsing using laptops. And recently, connecting my T5 to internet via my Old Siemens.

My Old Siemens survived it all! Until last week, it died on me. I was hoping that it would recovered, just like it had recovered on several occasions. But no. Finally, it died on me. I was hoping that it would be a permenant companion to my T5. But no, finally it died. A dear friend gave the best quote "It had enough of every thing. The time for you to let it go, and buy new phone has come!"

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