Sunday, March 26, 2006

Plush Greenery in K.L.

It was Friday evening. As most Fridays, city dwellers and office workers would be rushing out of the city for some where less hectic and chaotic. It is almost predictable - there would be extra massive traffic jams on all major roads heading out of K.L.

If you don't want to get caught in one of these jams, do one of the followings:
1. Leave K.L. before 5 p.m. Most office workers leave their office around 5 p.m. Leaving after five, would mean getting caught in the rush hour traffic jams..

2. Failing to do item (1) , if you still want to leave immediately, use public transport that runs on rails (lrts, monorails, train). Buses and taxi would most likely stuck in the jams. Bear in mind, you would be likely be boarding crowded coaches.

3. If you are claustrophobic, or are driving, you could either:

a. Park your car, and wait out the rush hour. You could go shopping, watch movie, or even have early dinner. The traffic would normally ease around 7 p.m. If there's a down pour, you could expect that the traffic would only ease at a much later hour.

b. Find and use lesser known alternative roads. Depending on your luck and skills, you could avoid all traffic jams, or you could be hopelessly loss. If it is well known alternatives, other motorists would also be using it.

I chose option (b). I found myself driving through a narrow hilly road with thick greenery on both sides of the road. There were people jogging along the cool shady road sides. Even though there was no other car, I had to drive slowly to avoid 'in-coming' joggers. The slow drive allowed me to drink all the scenery. It gave the ilusion that I've already left K.L.

I was jolted back to reality, when the greenry ended and the road brought me back to the same traffic jam that I was trying to avoid earlier!

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