Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Mouse and the Pirate

This is a mouse. An optical mouse. A mouse that you use with your pc. Not the mouse you feed to your pet snake. It glows when plugged into the pc. I bought it a couple of weeks ago.

It was not my intention to buy a mouse. I was actually looking for 'pirated' vcds. I don't normally buy vcds, pirated or originals. I either watch the films in cinemas or wait till they are aired in the tv. But this was an exception. I was looking for old films. "Gone with the Wind" kind-of-old films. And possibly older. From experience, I know that your average vcd shops don't have these who-watch-them-any-more vcds on the shelves.

So I made my way to this particular shop in this particular mall (all shall remained nameless), which I know have sizable collection of old films. After hopping on and off buses, I finally reach my destination. To my suprise, the shop have been converted into a computer shop.

me: Apa jadi? (translation: what happened?)
lady owner: Kena cekup. (We were raided)
me: Tak jual vcd lagi? (Not selling vcds anymore?)
lady owner: Tak. Koyak already. (Nope. Broke already)

I guess she must be broke from paying all the fines/compounds to various authorities. This goes to show that the authorities do take actions to curb piracy of intellectual property. And so, instead of buying a pirated vcd, I bought a mouse.

Note: the above conversation took place in 'street-malay' slang.

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