Sunday, April 16, 2006

Detour on Friday

Five o'clock. I glanced out of the window. It was drizzling. Suprizingly, the road was clear. I packed my things and rushed out of the building. A few minutes later, the drizzle turned into a monsoon-like downpour. Visibility dropped to a few hundred metres.

Those on motorcycles took shelter underneath overhead bridges. Cars began to slow down before coming to a halt. The traffic had come to a gridlock standstill. It was only 5.30pm. Running low on energy and patient, I took a left turn and exited the main road.

Time to park and chill out. The road led me to KLCC. KLCC is roughly the area that covers the park, the mall, the newly opened convention centre, and, most famous landmark, Petronas Twin Tower. Depending on the weather, the tall towers, along with other buildings, could disappear from city landscape.

I parked my car in the basement, fully aware that it could cost me a bomb. The parking fee is by hours. If you are travelling alone, cheapest way to get to KLCC is by public transport. You could use RapidKL LRT which most locals would call Putra - using its old name. The station is right under the mall. Other option would be by busses. Taking the taxi is not exactly cheap if you get caught in the jams.

I made my way to the escalator. There were throngs of people coming from one direction. Then I remembered about the computer fair in the convention centre. The fair is where vendors display and sell their latest offering to retail consumers. It is perhaps the best place to buy upgrades for your pc.

Since I have plenty of time to kill, I headed to the convention centre. The place have this posh and exclusive feeling to it. Its tall glass windows give you one of the best view of the park as well as the towers. My regret is that I didn't bring along my digital camera. Lucky for me, my recently-bought mobile phone have a camera. The quality is low compared to my digital camera, but at least I could take recognisable-geeky-tourist-photos of the towers.

I left KLCC around 8.30pm. I thought the jams had already cleared. I was wrong. It was still a crawl.

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