Friday, April 21, 2006


A couple of days ago, I had the chance to lunch in Putrajaya. Putrajaya is the administrative capital of Malaysia. In simpler words, it is where most of the government offices are located.

I went to a place called Taman Warisan (literally translated into Heritage Park). It wasn’t exactly what I would call a park. The building, however, incorporated some of traditional wooden structures. The place was like a food-court with small stalls selling their specialties.

There were Satay (grilled skewed-meat), Air Batu Campur also known as ABC (Ice mixed with all sort of condiments), and what I called ‘standard-Malaysian-eat-out-food’ (the fried and soupy meals). I ordered soup noodles and a glass of barley. Half way through my meal, the rain poured down from the dark sky. I had roof over my head, but the rain came from sideways (the place have no walls).

I had to quickly finish my meal and find somewhere drier. There was nowhere to go actually. There were some shops selling souvenir. There was also a corner displaying some Malaysian antiques tools. There were antique mould for making Bahulu, (a traditional Malay pastry) as well as the thing that was used to pound the paddy grain to obtain the rice grain.

I waited for almost an hour. The rain did not stop. It showed no sign of stopping. It got worse and worse. When I could no longer wait, I decided to dash across the parking lot and got into the car. Thanks to the invention of remote control for car lock, I need not to stumble with my keys in the pouring rain.

It didn’t take me long to realized that I couldn’t really see the road in the pouring rain. So I pulled over and parked the car at Dataran Putra. Took some photos of the area using my mobile phone from inside of the car.

When I finally left Putrajaya around 4pm, the rain was still pouring.

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