Thursday, March 22, 2007

Yet another cellphone

Two days ago I fell into a deep sleep while commuting to KL. As it turned out, it wasn't the only thing that fell. My trusty K700i also fell. I really like the simplicity of the design. Simple camera to take reasonably sharp pictures for this blog. Internet connectivity for my T5 / computer to update this blog. And also little white light in case I need to find my car keys in the dark. Oh, last but not least, the radio with superb audio quality to keep me company. What sadden me most was that I didn't get the chance to use it until it broke. This is the second phone I lost in so far.

So yesterday was spent in scouting for the right phone. I had almost bought the same K700i because I really like the features. But since I've always told myself, next phone would be a 3G, so I had to find one. Phone with features that I wanted was not manufactured with my price. Knowing how I (ab)used phones, I wasn't prepared to pay more than RM1k for a phone. I finally settled for a Nokia 6233, which suprised those who knew me. I am not into Nokia. What can I do, that's the only phone I found met most if not all, the critirea.

Today was spent in configuring the 6233 for 3G settings. Just like the K700i, it took me several calls to get it done. I almost blew my top talking to the good people in the call centre. Fortunately, the setting the computer and T5 is the same. Otherwise it would be weeks before I could blog about it. Now, I'm back online. Unfortunately, from where I am right now, there's no 3G coverage. So, I have yet to experience increased in speed which is a bit dissappointing considering that most of the time, I'll be online from here.

By the way, my previous phone broke around this time, last year. Perhaps this is God way of saying, "Go out and buy things for your self". :)

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