Sunday, March 18, 2007

Riding my two wheeler

The weather was just right. Not too hot. The wind was breezing softly. A great day to be out. So, I started my two wheeler and rode to town.

The world looks somehow different from the bike. For a starter, there's 360 degree view, unlike in a car where your view is limited to the windscreen. Then, you feel closer to your surrounding (of course you will, you don't have doors seperating you from the outside world).

I turned the trottle. My wheels zoomed in and out the traffic. Well, that's totally an exaggeration. I didn't zoomed in and out the traffic. It was more of cruising along the roadside with cars and other motorbikes zooming passed me. Even so, the wind was blowing on my face. I felt free.

Then I put on some more gas. I picked up some speed. With the wind was stronger and a bit of a bumpy ride, I felt as if I was flying. I finally understood why 'mat rempits' (young reckless men on 'motor cub') would do those dangerous 'superman-like' stunt on their bike. I too was tempted to do the same!

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