Friday, April 06, 2007

Configuration for Tungsten T5

Since the previous post was about configuring my T5 to blog, I should add more about configuring it to use the Celcom 3G.

I requote my first entry of this blog:

Before setting the T5, make sure your phone have been configure:
1. Follow the steps in the website ( to configure the telephone
2. Verify that the setting is correct, try to access the celcom wap portal using the Nokia 6233.

Here's how you configure the T5:

Step 1: Configure the phone connection in your palm
1. Go to Preferences > connection
2. Click "new"
3. Name: Nokia<-[any name you want]
Connect to: phone
Via: Bluetooth
Device: [search for your phone but make sure you switch on the phone bluetooth]
Model: Standard GSM
4. click "details..."
5. Speed: 115 200bps
Init string: +cgdcont=1,"IP","celcom3g"
Click "ok"
6. Click "ok" to safe the phone connection.
7. Click "done"

Step 2: Setting up & making network connection
1. Go to preferences > network
2. Click "new"
3. Service: Celcom3G <-[any name you want]
User name: g
Password: g
connection: Nokia<-[same name from step 1]
phone: *99***1#
4. Click "connect" to log on to the network. (By the way, don't forget to turn on the phone bluetooth )

Step 3: Browsing the internet
1. Launch your browser. I use the Blazer that was pre'installed' in the T5
2. Type the URL of the site you want to go.

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