Sunday, April 08, 2007

I Don't Read Well

I have to confess, I love reading but I don't read well. I know how to read. I just don't do it well.

I remember going through school by borrowing notes from friends because words seemed to swam on the chalkboard. At first, I thougth it was my myopic eyes. Got new pair of glasses. Sat right smack in front of the chalkboard. But that didn't solve the problem. I still had to borrow notes from friends.

I got through school with as little reading as I could. I paid extra attention during class so that I don't have to read about it later. If friends could finish reading and comprehend the reading materials in an hour, I would take two hours.

What does this got to do with this blog? I read some of my previous entries. They are littered with lots of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Some words were also missing (my fingers weren't fast enough to capture my train of thoughts). I know those mistakes could easily spotted had I read my entries before posting it. Unfortunately, I don't read well.

So, my apologies.

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