Monday, April 16, 2007

Monday morning - The Litmus test

The first time I heard about litmus test was in chemistry class years ago. There was this strips of paper known as litmus paper. Once put on the surface of a liquid, the paper would immediately change colour. Each colour corresponds to a certain pH (acid / alkali).

What that got to do with Monday morning? Recently I read some where about another kind of litmus test. You are suppose to evalute your Monday mornings. The test is simple. On Monday morning, do you (a) claw yourself out of bed and dreading going to work; or (b) jump out of bed with beaming smile and excited about going to work. You could add more options in between (a) and (b). This test doesn't have to be limited to work. Generally it could also be applied to other things in life.

Why is it call a litmus test? Because like a litmus paper, the answers to the question provides a quick indication of wether you should change things in your life (work, etc). Good luck with your test.

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