Saturday, May 19, 2007

The little things

Arts makes you appreciate the little little things in life. It makes a miserable life less miserable. It makes unbareable things to be bareable. It makes you more sensitive to things around you.

The sound of a chirping birds. Flow of a river. The gust of wind. The colour of leaves bathed in the morning sunlight. The smiles and laughters of children at the playground. We should stop and listen to these wonderfull sound around us. To see the beautiful sights around us.

But then again, in a bustling city, all this sounds are drowned by the honking of cars, clanking of construction site. The murky river hardly flow. A gust of wind brings dust and smoke. Morning sunlight replaced by gloomy hazy morning. Playground are deserted.

When you feel too much, you try to shut everything out. You became a cold and insensitive person that isn't really you.

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