Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Wish List

Some time in Jan 2007, I mentioned about my wish list that could possible increase the number of entries for this blog. Well...

I bought the bike first. Thought it cost a lot, it was suppose to save me some time (stuck in the jam), money (oil, parking fee and public transport fare); and let me cover more ground (at least in KL). The money saved was supposed to allow me to travel far and wide. In reality, the it was used to pay off credit card debt (I used credit card to pay for the bike). I glad I used the credit card and not the installment plan by the bike shop, for there was about RM1000 difference between cash price and installment price.

Soon after I settled the bike debt, I got into another debt: I bought a dSLR. I'm still learning how to use it. I'll post some pictures once I master how to use the dSLR. By the way, the new dSLR cost more that my new used-bike. Thus, it would be quite some time before I'm able to pay off the new dSLR.

It would be quite awhile before I could recovered from the financial state I'm in and start travelling far and wide again.

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