Saturday, May 26, 2007

Old Town

A few days ago, I tagged along Ma Hen to Cyberjaya. She had a dinner appointment with her friends. I became somewhat of her escort.

Anyway, the place was called "Old Town". It has the ambiance of an old Chinese Kopitiam. Marble top table and chairs. As I sat there, I was wondering why none of the waiters came to take our orders. Then our companions told us that we were suppose to fill in the order docket and pay at the cashier ourselves.

Once paid, we got a number. The waiters would be sending our food based on the number. The food was great. For a person who has stomach with low tolerance for spicy food, I finished off the bowl of spicy prawn me.

Thank you very much Ma Hen for the great dinner and company.


Zetty said...

by the way, most waiters kat kopitiam cyberjaya tu tak pandai cakap melayu.

just a little trivial info for you hehe.

ryn said...

No wonder la they sound weird. Thanks for visiting my blog.