Friday, June 01, 2007

Wet Market and Teacher

While strolling in Central Market (a.k.a. Pasar Seni), overheard two middle-age Eurasian ladies talking (one must be somekind of an expatriate and the other, a visiting friend):

"[bla... bla... bla...] KL don't have anymore wet market. The way people shopping have changed... [bla.. bla... bla...] supermarker... [bla... bla.. bla...]"

KL still have its wet markets if you know where and when to look. One of such market is Pasar Jalan Raja Bot or mistakenly know by most as Pasar Chow Kit. While this market may appeared to be 'disfunct' during the day, go the somewhere in the afternoon (5pm ++). It would be bustling with activities. Most of wives in KL are working mothers (KL is rather expensive city by Malaysian Standard). So it makes no sense to shop for fishes and produces in the morning when the wives only get home to cook in the evening.

Then there's this night markets where you could find almost everything from vegetables to meat, from fruits to potted plants, from cooking utensil to cooked food, from shoes to clothes! Night market is essentially a wet market, hardware stores, textile stores, foodcourts, all rolled into one. One thing that should be noted about night market is that they open only at night and every night at different part of the City. Check with the locals where and when is the night market in your area.

While taking a breather at home, overheard two little girls playing a make-believe-world:

Older girl walked with a grocery bag in her hand. Younger (preschool) girl stood and greeted "Selamat pagi cikgu (Good morning teacher)". Older girl took out a book from the bag, sat next to younger girl and began teaching "B...A... ba... J... U... ju... ba-ju (spelling shirt in Malay phonetics)... [bla... bla... bla..]"

I was amazed! Here is a young girl teaching a much younger girl how to read while playing in make-belive-world. This is what learn-and-play is all about!

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